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Values Made Public.

 Your people, united in purpose.


People want to help, if they can see the impact. Big or small, they want to be part of your work.

 What you say (and how you say it) is critical to the success of your mission.

Feeding Future Leaders

Feeding Future Leaders | Micah Voraritskul

Over a period of four years, I was able to bring together city leaders, private donors, and the owners of Chick-fil-A, all with the common goal of making a significant impact on the lives of over 26,000 inner-city students. Our message was simple yet powerful: provide "quality calories" to kids in need. The key to making it a reality was inspiring the right people to donate their time, money, and of course, chicken sandwiches.

Hope Places | content | Micah Voraritskul

I assisted in crafting campaign copy for a 5000-member church's capital project, emphasizing the relationship between giving and life transformation, which resulted in $9.4M in pledges in under six weeks.

EQUIP Leadership work | Micah Voraritskul

I led the redesign and relaunch of John Maxwell's website, where I crafted persuasive copy to encourage visitors to take action. Thanks to these efforts, we managed to achieve a 40% increase in web traffic and a 25% surge in donations and participation in yearly outreach programs.

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