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They'll see what you see.

If they can see the impact, in big or small ways, people will want to be part of your work.

Visual, Experience, and Project Design

Brand design

Branding and messaging design for companies, schools, churches, and non-profits.

Collateral design

For print and web.

Signage and wayfinding

To help people know where you are and where to go.

Lighting and event design

Holistic event designs, in concert with lighting designers, choreographers, and communicators at scales from 100 in attendance to 5,000.

Stage, sets, live production

I have produced 9 Broadway-style shows with 150+ teen choir, also served as FOH producer for multi-thousand-seat venues.

John Maxwell | EQUIP

I led the redesign and relaunch of John Maxwell's website, where I wrote persuasive copy to encourage visitors to take action. We achieved a 40% increase in web traffic and a 25% surge in donations and participation .

HOPE | Places

I assisted in crafting campaign copy, videos, and collateral for a 5000-member church's capital project, emphasizing the relationship between giving and transformation. We raised $9.4M in pledges in less than six weeks.

Gen Z & Millenials

I have worked closely with thousands of Millennial and Gen Z students and pros in live production, studio, lighting, vocals, acting, choreography, set design, construction and rigging, Flying by Foy, scriptwriting, tour booking, and planning.

Community Engagement

I have helped many organizations re-engage members and form deeper connections with their surrounding communities.

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