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They'll hear what you say.

Words move people to act. I write compelling copy.

Presentations, Speeches, Decks, Internal & External Comms.

Hundred Fold Giving

Pitch deck, collateral and web copy written to get their message to their audience with impact.

VerifiedHuman® Collective 1/3

In a world where human and AI work is indistinguishable...the solution is uniquely human–we have values.

Prince & Approaching Faith

Faith & Values feature article for the Richmond Times Dispatch.

Walter Hooper Papers

A dedication piece at the request of C.S. Lewis's secretary. TheWalter Hooper Papers are presented in the Bodleian Library  Oxford, UK.

Babel, God of Words, and LLMs

A blog post about the convergence of AI in the context of a religious and a-religious world driven by language.

VerifiedHuman® Collective 2/3

We are a collective of creatives, thinkers, educators, engineers, writers, visual artists...

The Female of the Bovine Species

A reflection piece about our struggle with the decline of a great human.

Richmond Pastors Statement

I co-architected and edited a landmark treatise, a response to racial injustice, which was signed by over 1,000 faith leaders in Virginia.

Short speech | Laughlin

Creative genius, storyteller, and pragmatist made an indelible mark on my ethic and creative sensibilities. Laughlin builds impossible dreamscapes from scraps of lumber, rusted metal & bent nails.

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