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100 Fold - Giving at Scale for Impact

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Cameron and Daryl. Two great guys in a unique and enviable position–to help high-net-worth individuals and families give to global needs at scale for impact. They're job is to connect resources in their world with needs all over the world. Their challenge was finding the right way to tell their story and make it easier for givers to connect, give, and track the results of their giving.

Through the spring and summer of 2023, I helped them get clear on their messaging.

Problems are best solved by:

The right posture. (generous and thoughtful)

The right structure. (actively managed designed impact funds)

The right capitalization. (charitable investment for impact)

The right team. (dealmakers and analysts)

As they were able to continue sitting down with their audience (high net worth individuals and families with a heart for active and legacy benevolence), pitching their heart, value, and capacity was easy and effective.

The right message– delivered at the right time– with the right pace– to the right people– wins every time.



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